Digital Signage PLDT Unveil

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another innovation that improve the commercials in the Philippines. Like we have seen in television or movie from other highly industrialize country. Last week, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company unveiled their high-tech digital signage service called SweetSpots.

Here's a complete content from about the high-tech digital signage "SweetSpots".

The service is similar to a traditional digital signage but instead of rotating advertisement, the content is delivered through an LCD monitor via the Internet. The LCD monitors come in 32-, 40- 46-inch sizes.

A digital signage currently shows one type of rotating advertisement. The SweetSpots, on the other hand, show up to four different advertisements simultaneously.

The LCD screens are hooked up to the Internet using PLDT’s wireless Internet service WeRoam or a cable-based PLDT BizDSL.

Updating of content on the SweetSpots is done from a central location managed by PLDT.

PLDT said the service targets traditional advertisers. The LCD monitors can be deployed in just about any commercial areas such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals and malls.

Residential areas are also potential targets, PLDT said.

Nerisse Ramos, head of PLDT Corporate Business Group, said the service can deliver dynamic and more compelling advertisements that would appeal to a bigger market.

Users of the service can also deliver more than just advertisement but also consumer-related content such as news.

However, Ramos said the business would not compete with traditional advertising areas, particularly print and broadcast media.

“It will be a complementary technology wherein content from media can also be delivered through SweetSpots locations,” she said.

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