New low-cost desktop PC unveiled by CICT and Intel

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another great news for those who cannot afford to have a desktop pc, here's a good new about the low cost pc.

The Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and Intel unveiled a new low-cost desktop that comes with a widescreen LCD monitor but still has no bundled Internet connection and operating system.

Instead, Intel and CICT will leave computer shops and resellers to bundle the Nettop ng Bayan 2.0 setup with telecommunications providers, particularly those that are offering wireless broadband Internet services.

During the launch of the Nettop ng Bayan 2.0, Carlo Subido, Intel Technology Philippines business solutions manager, said their resellers have the discretion to partner with telecommunications providers in bundling wireless connectivity.

“Buyers also can have the freedom to choose what provider they can use,” Subido said.

Nettops and their mobile relative, the netbook, were specifically built largely for Internet consumption. Most are powered by Intel’s Atom chip, which provides enough processing power for Internet-related activities.

As such, nettops and netbooks are priced much lower than regular desktop and laptop computers.

But even with the lack of an Internet connection, CICT and Intel are still confident that the latest version of the low-cost desktop will continue to generate interest amongbudget-conscious consumers.

CICT chairman Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua said the Nettop ng Bayan integral to his agency’s programs to provide universal access. One of the main programs of the CICT is the Community E-Center (CEC), which are Internet cafĂ©-like facilities but are targeted at local industries.

But Roxas-Chua noted that the Philippines still has among the lowest computer-per-household ratio among Asian countries and that communications infrastructure is still a problem particularly in rural areas.

Price of computers, availability of connectivity in certain areas, and lack of local Internet content that would spur usage are among the issues that deny most people from acquiring computers.

Intel Philippines country manager Ricky Banaag said introducing machines like the Nettop ng Bayan should be able to convince most people to purchase computers.

He also cites that devices with specific uses provide just the necessary computing power for the needs of most people. “Most buyers want to use their computers for basic usages. In fact, when they see the Nettop ng Bayan, some tend to buy higher models.”

The Nettop ng Bayan program is a continuation of a previous project by the CICT and Intel called the “PC ng Bayan.”

The new Nettop ng Bayan 2.0 features an Atom N270 chip, an 80 Gigabyte hard disk, and 1 Gb of memory. It is priced at P10,800.

What makes it more appealing is the inclusion of a 15-inch widescreen LCD monitor, which would normally be priced at around P4,000-P5,000.

But the package does not include an operating system yet so users may have to work out an agreement with dealers.


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