New variant of Conficker worm lurks

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trend Micro has discovered a new variant of the notorious Conficker worm, a computer virus which was supposed to activate on April 1.

The latest variant, discovered on April 7, would be the fourth since it was first detected in late 2008.

TrendLabs said that the appearance of the newest variant could mean that the creators of the worm could be setting up for more serious attacks.

TrendLabs said it has discovered increasing peer-to-peer communications from various Conficker peer nodes.

The company believed the worm, also known as Downadup and Downup, is hosted in Korea.

The new variant propagates through vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system called MS08-067. It secretly installs itself on a target computer and the creators can install other software into the infected computer.

Just as with computer worms, Conficker also propagates to other PCs connected to the infected computer.


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